Gold accessories – how to tastefully introduce them into your interior?


We can safely say that gold accessories are once again experiencing a renaissance. This bold trend is more and more boldly entering our homes, giving the interiors a luxurious and elegant character. However, in the case of gold, which is an extremely strong accent – moderation is key. For let’s not forget that a little gold glitter can perfectly illuminate a room, but its excess can also effectively … overwhelm it. So how to tastefully incorporate gold elements in the interior to enjoy luxury and elegance without the risk of overdoing it?

Rule 1: Be moderate

Not all gold that glitters – in interior design this is also a very apt statement. Gold accessories, subtle decors and even walls in this color can bring luxury and elegance to a space. Unfortunately, there is a very fine line between sophisticated style and… kitsch. However, do we have to completely abandon gold accessories for fear of an arrangement slip-up? Definitely not! It is enough to understand how to combine gold with other colors, learn how to juxtapose gold accessories with the right materials, and learn to keep moderation. Today, gold is gaining a new dimension – it blends perfectly with minimalist, elegant spaces, and the old combination with heavy wooden furniture and Persian carpets, 

Rule 2: Pair gold with the right colors

In fact, we don’t have so many restrictions here. Gold goes well with a wide range of colors. In modern interiors, it goes well with both neutral shades in earthy colors, such as white, gray, browns or beiges, but it goes equally well with deep and saturated colors, such as navy blue, bottle green or burgundy, which will add clarity to the interior. Black? It is always timeless, and when combined with gold it becomes equally elegant. However, it is important to maintain balance and not overdo the number of colors, so opt for a consistent color palette. Look out for the PETRA collection, where gold accents in the form of metal legs, handles and edges go perfectly with unique forms in shades of cashmere and black. 

Rule 3: Pair gold with specific materials

Choosing the right materials with which to juxtapose gold accessories is equally crucial. Natural materials, such as wood, marble, or matte furniture board fronts, bring warmth to the interior as they balance the shine of gold. In minimalist arrangements, gold elements go well with simple geometric forms and matte surfaces, and this avoids the effect of overload. As a counterbalance, you can imagine a lacquered front in the color of an intense lime or a strongly ripe orange… Such a combination, however, can be risky and requires great sensitivity to avoid the impression of overkill and kitsch. 

Rule 4: Treat gold as an accessory

The PETRA collection uses gold accessories in a balanced way – delicate gold legs and subtle highlighting of edges and handles make this kind of furniture a sophisticated element of any elegant interior.

Remember to treat gold as an accessory, not a dominant element. In this way, gold details emphasize the luxurious character of the interior, without overwhelming it. 

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