Elegance at the highest level. Bathtubs and sinks made of stone.


If there are items that combine durability, originality and a touch of extravagance, there are certainly stone bathtubs and sinks. In the wave of the growing fashion for naturalness, more and more people are choosing to buy these products. The result can only be one – the delight of customers and the growing popularity of stone as a raw material from which bathtubs and washbasins are made.

Elegance at the highest level. Bathtubs and sinks made of stone.

Certainly, the pillar of success of stone bathtubs and stone sinks is not only their amazing and intriguing design, but also their versatility. The times when bathtubs and sinks were installed only in bathrooms are long gone. Today it is no longer surprising to see a bathtub in the garden. This is because stone bathtubs and sinks, thanks to their temperature absorption, can be kept not only indoors, but also outdoors. For example, if we install a bathtub at home and pour warm water into it, we will be able to enjoy a bath for longer. This is because, on average, the room temperature is about 24 degrees, and the stone, thanks to its properties, retains and maintains it. This combination guarantees us not only longer relaxation, but also communing with nature.

And when it comes to stone bathtubs and stone sinks installed outside the house, as with those installed in homes, the stone also maintains the air temperature. For example, in the summer months a bathtub heated by the sun during the day is much warmer in the evening than the temperature of the evening air. This can be surprising, as the difference can be only a few degrees. Therefore, the experience of such a bath during the day, after pouring very cold water, or in the evening after filling the tub with warmer water, is indescribable.

The popularity of stone bathtubs and stone sinks will certainly not wane, and the group of interested parties will only grow. This can be evidenced by the fact that most users become so convinced of stone products so quickly and so much that they can not imagine buying again later from any other material than stone. Therefore, investing in even a large – two or three-person stone bathtub for the house or garden is definitely a cheaper and better option than even the smallest walking and ‘soaking’ pool.

The article was created in cooperation with Lux4home, a manufacturer of stone sinks and stone bathtubs in Indonesia.

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